A Beginning

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A Beginning

Jan 12, 2016

And so… to much pomp and fanfare the inaugural post arrives.

To any and all who read this – welcome. You step now into the virtual world of one Oiler fan who grew up in what has to be considered the franchise’s most dismal era. I can only nod in wistful regret when other older Oilers fans recall with twinkling eye the Golden Gretzky Age. Alas, to their Gretzky, Messier, Fuhr, and Coffey, I can only reply Weight, Smyth, Salo, and Niinimaa. Warriors all and often subject to league-wide under-appreciation but the truth is, they weren’t able to bring the Oil back to the top. 8th place gets you in, but you’re a far cry from top dog.

Though once my voice represented the perspective of only a few, time has melded it together with many others, Oilers fans (all over the world, believe it or not) who are waiting for this team to finally turn the corner.

Waiting yet again.

It’s a long dark winter we are in, folks. Don’t look up, or you’ll be swallowed by the clouds that surround us. One foot in front of the other with your head down against the wind and we’ll get where we’re going.

Early returns on the 2015-16 season are not playoff-promising, but the Oil are certainly showing progress. And, at the very least, this organisation is entertaining in its seldom logical, oft-perplexing meandering route through the desert. The upcoming years should be good, the team should find balance, and Edmonton will be a happier place to be.

Peter Chiarelli – you’ve got quite the job to do. The Oil have turned this hump into Everest and you need to be our Hillary. I’m really hoping you avoid the bitter sweetness old Mallory encountered, but in the end, a summit is all we ask.


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